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Welcome to Edgeconf

Here are some useful links to help you get the most out of the conference today.

Slack access

All our sessions have group chat available as a back channel and a way of participating if you are not comfortable speaking aloud in the group. Please keep contributions in the session channels on topic. Feel free to use #general for off-topic chatter.

Conference staff have "(Organiser)" appended to their names and have a badge overlaid on their avatar.


The following people are responsible for staging the conference today. If you can't find them, you can contact them on Slack:

  • Programme curator: Andrew Betts
  • Event managers: Ruth Yarnit, Vicky Carmichael, Perry Dyball
  • Volunteers: Rowan Beentje, Matt Andrews, Ada Edwards, Alberto Elias, Sam Giles, George Crawford, Tim Davenport, Patrick Hamman (all FT staff)

Other useful things

Leave feedback
Review early, review often.
Briefing for delegates
Conference code of conduct, after-hours details, guide to how sessions work etc.
Lanyrd event
View and post coverage of the day's sessions
Walking directions to after-hours party at Rotunda, Kings Place
You need your conference badge to get into the party.

If you're producing content about Edge, please tag it with edgeconf so we can find and link to it. We're on twitter at @edgeconf, and also on Facebook and Google+. If you need any help during the day, feel free to ask Facebook or FT staff, or send an email to edgeconf@labs.ft.com.