Edge Conference


  • Registration and breakfast

    Doors open to all participants at 8:30am. Arrive early to snaffle some breakfast and grab a great seat.

  • Welcome

    An introduction to the unique format of Edge, and how you can participate throughout the day.

  • Security

    What's a reasonable expectation of privacy on the web, how can technology help validate it and how should users perceive and control it? With new technologies like HTTP2 and ServiceWorker both SSL/TLS only, campaigns for TLS on everything, attempts to unify approaches to private browsing modes, and the announcement of the new letsencrypt cert authority, now is a good time to revisit security on the web.

    • Dan Appelquist Dan Appelquist W3C TAG Co-Chair Mod
      Veteran mobile and Web technologist, Firefox OS developer advocate, co-chair of the W3C TAG, co-founder of Over the Air.

    • Yan Zhu Yan Zhu Yahoo! Speaker
      Working on end-to-end encryption for email, former staff technologist at Electronic Frontier Foundation

    • Patrick Hamann Patrick Hamann Financial Times

    • Mike West Mike West Google
      Endures C++ for Chrome privacy, edits and implements security-focused specifications (Content Security Policy, Mixed Content, etc).

    • Virginie Galindo Virginie Galindo Gemalto / W3C WebSec IG

    • J. Alex Halderman J. Alex Halderman Uni. of Michigan / Let's Encrypt

  • Front end data

    Storage in the browser increasingly has more complex use cases, and we can now add the Serviceworker cache API to the list of storage options. Blob storage is also gaining support, and applications increasingly do more complex things with data, requiring abstractions for model or network sync. Let's explore use case and patterns for managing complex data storage, search, indexing and sync in the browser.

    • Jake Archibald Jake Archibald Google Mod
      Works with the Chrome team on dev tools, standards and recently requestAutoComplete and ServiceWorker.

    • Nolan Lawson Nolan Lawson Squarespace Speaker

    • Matt MacPherson Matt MacPherson Mozilla

    • David Fahlander David Fahlander Dexie.js

    • Jing Chen Jing Chen Facebook

    • Glynn Bird Glynn Bird IBM Cloudant

  • Morning break

    Grab a coffee and recharge for the next session.

  • Components and modules

    We’ve seen the future, and it’s looking modular. More people are using React or similar virtual DOM frameworks; are these approaches incompatible with web components? And for smaller organisations and single developers, will there be a market in components? What standard will drive that?

    • Chris Heilmann Chris Heilmann Microsoft Mod

    • Guy Bedford Guy Bedford Verve Interactive Speaker

    • Ian Feather Ian Feather Schibsted

    • Alex Russell Alex Russell Google
      Works on Chrome, Installable Web Apps, Service Workers, Web Components, JavaScript. Member of W3C TAG and ECMA TC39. Feels your pain.

    • Kaelig Deloumeau Kaelig Deloumeau FT Labs

    • Christopher Chedeau Christopher Chedeau Facebook
      On the React Core Team and fascinated by layout algorithms especially image related ones

  • Progressive enhancement

    PotatoES6's syntax incompatibility with ES5 makes it hard to roll out easily. Transpilers help today but what about when some browsers support all the ES6 syntax? What about ES7's syntax incompatibilies with ES6? What does PE mean to apps that offer no value if a modern web platform feature (say WebRTC) isn't supported? With such a long tail of web tech development, is there a progressive enhancement 'baseline' below which everything breaks and we don't care anymore?

    • Lyza Danger Gardner Lyza Danger Gardner Cloud Four Mod
      Has hacked, built and broken things on the pan-device Web for nearly 20 years. Co-founder of Cloud Four.

    • Remy Sharp Remy Sharp Left Logic Speaker

    • Jack Franklin Jack Franklin GoCardless

    • Jeremy Keith Jeremy Keith Clearleft

    • James Kyle James Kyle Cloudflare

    • Lee Byron Lee Byron Facebook

  • Lunch

    After the panels, lunch will be served in the main event space. If you haven't already, this is a good time to decide which breakouts you want to participate in during the afternoon session.

  • Using ServiceWorker

    Main space

    What goes in the SW vs the page? How to handle updates without disrupting the user? When should caches be cleaned?

  • ES6 patterns

    Outer space

    Besides syntax sugar, what code architecture patterns and best practices will emerge from ES6 Collections, Classes, and Modules?

    • Kyle Simpson Kyle Simpson Getify Solutions
      Prolific OSS dev who loves making JS packages but wants just one package manager to rule them all

  • "Installing" web apps

    Plates of meat

    Why now? How to get them on your phone? How do they relate to native apps, the browser, the OS?

    • Andreas Bovens Andreas Bovens Opera

  • SASS & CSS patterns


    What patterns work best? Is @extends ever a good idea? Should browsers support Sass?

    • Mairead Buchan Mairead Buchan Emdeebeebee

  • Quick break

  • Security

    Main space

    What challenges will web developers face when transitioning to https and how can these be addressed?

    • John Graham-Cumming John Graham-Cumming Cloudfare

  • Accessibility of web components

    Outer space

    Do web components create new accessibility challenges? What can developers do to make web components accessible?

    • Léonie Watson Léonie Watson The Paciello Group

  • Components

    Plates of meat

    Are Web Components trying to do too many things? Is this an extensible solution? How do you make components part of your workflow?

    • Chris Heilmann Chris Heilmann Microsoft

  • Data driven performance


    What best practices are emerging for RUM? What are the metrics we should be caring about?

    • Patrick Kettner Patrick Kettner Wallmart Labs

  • Break with refreshments

  • Front end data

    Main space

    Immutability, directionality, OO vs pure data, querying, sync, abstractions and standards.

    • Lee Byron Lee Byron Facebook

  • Progressive enhancement

    Outer space

    Progressing from what to where? Does it ever really work for everyone?

    • Lyza Danger Gardner Lyza Danger Gardner Cloud Four
      Has hacked, built and broken things on the pan-device Web for nearly 20 years. Co-founder of Cloud Four.

  • Network Ops

    Plates of meat

    'Smart' pipes, traffic shaping, accelerated browsing proxies - how do devs manage the relationship with the network operator?

  • Interoperability


    Vendor prefixes, UA strings, feature flags. How can devs test unstable browser features on real users?

    • Adrian Bateman Adrian Bateman Microsoft
      Program manager for the Internet Explorer engineering team. Represented Microsoft in the web standards community for several years.

  • Polyfills


    How pedantic do they need to be? Is serving unnecessary polyfills a problem worth fixing? Should all new web APIs be polyfillable?

    • Stuart Cox Stuart Cox Potato / Modernizr

  • Break

    A very quick break to give you time to take a seat in the main space for the keynote

  • Closing Keynote: The business of sharing

    Main space

    From its creation as a place to share knowledge, the world wide web has evolved into a place of commerce and community. A new generation of businesses, such as Airbnb, BlaBlaCar and TaskRabbit, are merging sharing and commerce - taking under-utilised assets in the economy and creating alternative business models.

    With these new markets and innovations come challenges to established systems of regulation and attitudes towards ownership. Is now the right time for the Sharing Economy? What does this mean for consumers and traditional businesses?

    Debbie Wosskow is CEO of Love Home Swap and chair of the trade body Sharing Economy UK. Debbie recently authored the UK government's review into the sharing economy. She also contributes to Founders4Schools, visiting students to give first-hand examples of the relevance of technology in the workplace.

    • Debbie Wosskow Debbie Wosskow Founder, Love Home Swap Speaker

  • Wrap up

    Stick around for some quick thank yous, and a few words from Claire Sutcliffe, co-founder of CodeClub, who will be receiving all leftover ticket revenue from Edge conf.

    • Clare Sutcliffe Clare Sutcliffe CodeClub Speaker

  • Social: BBQ at Rotunda

    Wind down and discuss the day's events with your fellow delegates with a BBQ at Rotunda, a 25 minute walk from the conference venue. We have a terrace by the canal and will be cooking burgers and veggie delights on the grill. Chill out with friends new and old, raise a glass and file some bugs.

    We are committed to providing a relaxing, friendly social event where we can continue those useful conversations that we started during the day.