Edge Conference

A day of group discussion and debate on advanced web technologies for developers and browser vendors.

London, June 27, 2015

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Advanced topics

There are lots of excellent conferences to learn as a beginner. Edge is for those who push boundaries. If it doesn’t make your brain hurt, we’re not trying hard enough.

Unique format

We open each hour long session with a ten minute talk. After that, we’re into the discussion, and we keep it moving fast. We record everything, on video and in text. Everything is released for free to the world the moment the event ends.

The Venue

Facebook hosted the very first Edge conference, and we're delighted to be back for Edge 5, this time in the new Facebook London office in Euston, moments from five tube lines and Euston Square and Warren Steet stations.

Facebook London office
10 Brock Street

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Edge has no conventional talks and our audience asks no questions. Instead, we run highly structured debates with pre-curated questions and use tools to surface the most relevant opinions in real time. Our emphasis is on creating a good environment for productive debate and discussion, rather than presenting the experiences of a single speaker or unpredictable Q&A.

Sessions last an hour, start with a dense (maximum) 10 minute intro by an expert, and then move into debate, run by a trained moderator. Every person present, whether in the audience or on the panel, has a chance to speak and present an opinion.

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